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Ability Works, Inc. is the provider of choice for individuals with disabilities.Ability Works, Inc. is the provider of choice for individuals with disabilities pursuing interests in employment, recreation, leisure, and personal development.

Ability Works, Inc. serves two different audiences, with a strong commitment to both.

Our corporate customers can choose from a broad range of products and services which is ever-evolving to meet their needs. Currently these include our sign shop, customized projects, and subcontracting of employees.

On the other hand, we provide those in our community with developmental disabilities employment opportunities, extended employment, training, counseling and other services customized to their specific needs. We do all this while providing the necessary reasonable accommodations to individuals in accordance with the ADA guidelines.



Ability Works has an excellent reputation. Our employees are certified according to ODMRDD (Ohio Department of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities) standards. We are also active members of each of the following professional and community organizations: