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In-Kind Donations

Donate your used clothing and cellphones


Clothing Recyling

We partner with a local recycling company to be able to take your old clothes for cash!

They take your clothes and recycle them into new items such as boat seats! A great way to repurpose your clothes and give back.

We have donation bins outside our main location at 3920 Columbus Ave

Phone Recycling

We partner with a recycling company that pays us to recycle old phones. Just one of your old phones can bring in a $400 donation for our disability services!


You can drop off your phones anytime we are open, between 8 AM and 4 PM, Mon-Fri.

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Tickets and Experiences

We take individuals out to community events, sporting events, and other fun activities. Any donations of tickets help our individuals go to more experiences they may not have the chance to attend otherwise. 

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