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Preparation for donation

Donate Clothing

Have old clothes or shoes? Bring them out to our recycle clothing drive to benefit Ability Works. Clothes donated on August 6th will be sold to be reused or recycled, and proceeds will be donated to Ability Works.

Saturday, August 6th

9 AM - 1 PM

We are partnering with the same company that has many of the donation bins around Sandusky that you see outside grocery stores and other locations.


So how does Ability Works benefit?


  1. People bring in their used clothing 

  2. That clothing is picked up by a company we are partnering with 

  3. That clothing is then sold to thrift stores and to recycling places that will use it to make things like boat seats

  4. Then we profit from those sales!

Money raised at Ability Works fundraisers goes to our disability services. It helps us provide daily care, education, career planning, job coaching, transportation and so much more to individuals with developmental/intellectual disabilities. As a non-profit, fundraisers are vital to supporting our services.

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