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Fundraising for Interactive White Boards

Our new fundraising goal is to raise $45,000 to purchase interactive whiteboards to be used in our Adult Day Services, and our Career Academy.

We kicked off this fundraising initiative at our 2021 Sandusky Donut Eating Contest where we raised $8,845! Our goal is to raise money to incorporate, support, and train through the use of technology so that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities have independence.

What does this mean? Our clients have the opportunity to learn using an interactive whiteboard that offers many learning options that increases attention during activities and increase retention of information.

What are some of the many benefits of an interactive whiteboard when educating individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities?

  • Provide multiple means of engagement and representing information: audio, graphics, video, text, etc

  • Provide multiple means of expression: allows individuals to interact with content and show their understanding of content in a variety of ways such as type, drawing pictures, and more. Individuals who are unable to hold a pen are able to use their fingers to write and draw.

  • Allows for interactive quizzes, and group activities

  • Allows for group collaboration: individuals can work as a team to learn and practice material which boosts their engagement in the material and helps them to overcome education barriers.

  • Provides a safe space for individuals who prefer to work alone, to learn to collaborate as a group.

Adding interactive whiteboards into our services will help our clients learn in ways they have not been able to before, and gain more independence in their lives.

You can donate today to support our fundraising goal of $450,000


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