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Hayley Arnold

The Supported Employment Department would like to introduce Hayley Arnold. Hayley is looking for a Job in the community in the field of Retail/Customer Service.

Hayley recently did a Community Based Assessment at Meijer in the clothing department. She did a great job of straightening the clothes, placing clothing returns back on the floor, and front-facing the entire department. She did a wonderful job of speaking to customers and assisting them with locating items too. The Meijer staff felt that Hayley was very helpful and did a great job!

Hayley has work experience cleaning at McDonald’s and Sherri’s Coffeehouse in Norwalk but would like to work in a different setting. In her spare time, she loves to spend time with her dog, Wookie, and collect items that she is proud of. Hayley also enjoys singing at Church and for weddings. Hayley is a joy to work with and always has a smile on her face, any employer would be lucky to work with Hayley!

If you are interested in meeting with Hayley, please contact her Job Developer, Mary Kalizweski at (419) 515-7205 or email her at


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