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Opening a Lorain County Location

We are excited to announce that we will be opening a new Day Service location in mid-February! We will be offering tours to prospective individuals and their families Wednesday, January 25th, and have begun interviewing new staff.

We have been planning on expanding our Day Services into another county and geographically Lorain County was the place to go. Our staff have worked diligently to get the new location set up and are excited to start providing services. As Lorain County is one of our larger service sites for our Summer Youth Work Experience, having a hub in Lorain will be very beneficial for our staff. This will allow them a hub closer to their home, as well as the chance to have vehicles in Lorain for staff to transport our students.

We are thankful for our community members who have donated office furniture and supplies for our new location as well at the Erie County Community Foundation Grant for the tables and benches that we will now be using at our Lorain location.

We are excited to see where this new location takes us, and hope we find a permanent space where we can continue to expand our services.


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