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Who Uses a Sensory Space?

A sensory space is a place that can relax or stimulate the senses. It uses a combination of sights, sounds, textures, and interactive elements.

Who uses it?

Anyone can benefit from using a sensory space! Often times we see individuals with disabilities and children. Others that can use sensory spaces include people with dementia, Alzheimer's, PTSD, stress, or anxiety.

Children greatly benefit from sensory spaces, especially those with sensory processing disorders. This can be children who over-respond to sensation, those with little to no response to stimulation or lack of interest in socializing craving sensory experiences, or motor skill problems.

What would my appointment look like?

Our sensory manager Peggy, will complete an individualized sensory assessment to determine the best use of the space for you and support you as needed.

You can relax in one of our comfy seating areas or use various interactive elements to promote stimulation and motor skills. The possibilities are endless, and we tailor the appointment to your needs.

Currently, we offer after-school hours and some Saturday appointments. Each appointment is private and allows for 30 minutes of clean time between other clients.

Call today at 419-626-1048 ext 3110 to find out how a sensory space can be beneficial to you.


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