STEP Program

Our Start Toward Emerging Possibilities (STEP) Program is designed to provide opportunities for people to achieve their personal goals in the community or through virtual services. They attend events, volunteer, take cooking classes, attend exercise programs, and more!

If you are not a current participant of the STEP program events that are open will say OPEN or SPOTS AVAILABLE.

More questions? Call 419-626-1048 ext 3132

This service is offered in groups of 5 or less, and can is offered in three ways:

1) In the home

2) Out in the community

3) Teleservices, by using Zoom or other technology to interact directly with the individual 

Our staff works with you to find the best schedule, events, and/or technology needed to find what works best for you.

Check the calendar below to see some of the events we have coming up!

victory kitchen august (17).jpg

Click on an event below for details

To find out availability call the number listed under the event or call 419-626-1048 ext 3132 for more details


STEP Program Calendar

You must be a part of the STEP program to attend the below events. please call you SSA to discuss how you can add STEP Program into your plan.