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Mickey Mart Awarded
Community Builder Award

We want to congratulate Mickey Mart and Associates for winning the Community Builder Award Presented by Ancor. We nominated Mickey Mart for this award due to their commitment to our community by hiring individuals with disabilities in our community.
Letter Of Nomination

It is with great pleasure that Ability Works Inc. is nominating Mickey Mart Food Stores and Michael Eirons, Director of Personnel Support & Development for Mickey Mart Food Stores, for the ANCOR Community Builder Award.

Mickey Mart and associates have demonstrated an extraordinary commitment through creating community inclusion and opportunities for people with disabilities. Ability-Works is proud to say that our relationship is now going on 6+ years AND HAS resulted in successful employment for many individuals, at all locations in each of the counties that we serve.

During this past year there have been many struggles for us all, COVID has affected employment opportunities resulting in some individuals choosing not to work. Mickey Mart has supported these individuals by choosing to make sure that they have a job to come back to when they are ready.  They are willing to customize tasks; they provide natural supports, and they educate staff to enable the employees to have long-term successful employment.

Ability Works is heartfelt to say that Mickey Mart Food Stores meets the criteria that the ANCOR embraces for this honor of Community Builder Award.

Best Practices:

Mickey Mart not only offers an approach to community inclusivity but practices it every day by being a role model for others. They create opportunities for community inclusion and enable individuals to build social capital and live full meaning lives.

Community Focus:

Part of Mickey Marts mission statement: “Our Communities, The Real Heart of Mickey Mart” they are providing opportunities not only for Individuals but are involved in many community activities.


Ability Works has formed a great working relationship with Michael Eirons over these past 6 years, Michael will call when he has a position open that can give an individual a chance to be part of the community and reach their goals of successful employment. They are able to form an incredible bond with staff members and customers who will often stop at locations to specifically see their favorite person working there. Individuals that are employed there love having their picture taken with Mickey the Moose and as Mickey Mart says “The Moose is on the Loose”

Thank You for Your Consideration,
Mary Kalizewski
Job Developer CESP
Ability-Works Inc.


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