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Benefits of a Sensory Room for Children and Adults

Sensory Rooms are like a playground for the mind, letting you relax and unwind. More and more you are seeing schools, hospitals, and more finding ways to use sensory rooms to help individuals.

There are no requirements for someone to need to use a sensory room. These spaces are great for children and adults to find a time to relax and unwind.

There are lots of different sensory rooms and spaces that meet different needs. Our Clark Family Sensory Space has served children and individuals with disabilities in the Erie County area. Our space is great for anyone with any needs, some including anxiety, PTSD, dementia, SPD, and physical or intellectual disabilities.

Why might YOU benefit from a sensory space?

The reason you can benefit from a sensory space depends on your needs. Our space can be modified to fit your needs, whether that is providing a quite calm atmosphere or stimulating the mind and senses.

Everyone needs a break from a long day. We have many different comfy chairs, couches, and lounging areas to relax in while you take in the colors around you. You can just sit and relax or interact with the equipment in the room. Our room is surrounded by various LED lighting, and we can pick lights, minimal lights, or no lights for your visit.

Sometimes people need to find stimulating activities, and we have a large variety of things to do in our space. You can play games on light boards on our walls, or play music that interacts through the room's lights. We even have an interactive projector on our floor that you can do things like play pool or interact with a koi pond.

What are the benefits of using a sensory space?

  • Improved communication and social skills

  • Enhanced concentration, focus, and memory

  • Promotes leisure education

  • Reduced stress

  • Improved motor skills

What Equipment is in our Sensory Space?

  • Bubble tubes

  • An interactive projector that lets you play games

  • Light up boards on our walls that you can play games on

  • Multiple different items to touch and feel on our walls

  • Many different areas to sit and relax such as our big seated swing, bean bags, padded couches, and more.

  • LED lights to look at and touch

  • Our live fish tank to enjoy

Want to see more?

Check us out on TikTok or our Instagram to see more videos of our space and some of the fun faces who come to visit!

How Can I Visit the Clark Family Sensory Space?

Were are currently by appointment only, but it is a free service. Call today at 419-626-1048 ext 3110 to set up a time.

Your first appointment includes an individualized sensory assessment to determine the most beneficial use of the space for you and support from our DODD-trained staff. Currently, our appointments are in the afternoons and some select Saturdays and Sundays.


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