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Summer at Ability Works

We're kicking off an incredible summer at Ability Works! Our Summer Youth Work Experience started, we have lots of fundraisers planned, have started gardening, and we gave exciting activities planned for our day programs!

Our Summer Youth Work Experience commenced on June 5th, with small groups dispersed across Erie, Sandusky, Lorain, and Ottawa counties. Participants have been assigned to a variety of businesses and non-profit organizations, allowing them to gain invaluable experience. Whether they're learning the ins and outs of stocking and cleaning at local grocery stores or contributing to the vital tasks performed by non-profits, this program not only benefits the individuals involved but also provides businesses and non-profits with an extra helping hand during the summer season.

We had multiple small fundraiser we took them all! Join us at one or all of our upcoming fundraisers:

  1. Mikey's Frozen Yogurt on June 9th

  2. Texas Roadhouse on June 22nd

  3. Panda Express on July 10th

  4. Lake Erie Crusher Game on July 29th

Continuing our tradition, we're honored to welcome the inspiring Journey of Hope riders to Ability Works. These remarkable gentlemen embark on a challenging journey spanning over 12,000 miles, raising awareness for individuals with disabilities. This year, we've extended an invitation for them to join us at our Day Program for lunch and activities.

Our Step groups have been diligently organizing fundraisers to support their summer activities. They have been hosting in-house bake sales, and doing car washes. These funds will go directly to the Step group activities throughout the summer! So when they are not out volunteering, they can have fun at some events they otherwise would not have been able to attend.

Our Day Programs have started a few garden plots outside of our facility. They have been enjoying the time outside, and learning to grow tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers.


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