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Did You Know? We are providing services in Lorain

We are thrilled to announce that our facility in Lorain is now open and in full swing! In February we opened an Adult Day Program facility in Lorain. While we are just renting the space at 1330 Cooper Foster Park Rd in Lorain, we are happy to call it home. We are still on the hunt to find a bit of property to purchase, enabling us to further expand and thrive in Lorain.

At our Lorain location, we currently serve four individuals, and we have exciting plans to welcome even more members to our roster in the upcoming months. The staff and individuals are enjoying what there is to do Lorain and the resources that are available. They have visited the Metroparks, the APL, and other places around the area. When not out and about, the group has found that they enjoy cooking and making things from scratch. They recently cooked home made noodles for cabbage and noodles and they also had a Taco celebration.

Our Supported Employment Department already serves many individuals in the county of Lorain, helping them to prepare for and find employment. We were very excited about the opportunity to expand our services in Lorain and offer an Adult Day Program.


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