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Client Spotlight

Ability Works Community Integration (CI) staff wants to spotlight one of their clients, Chaiyse Kurdinant. Chayse has been an active participant of our CI program since it first started as the STEPs program.

Chayse is a very happy person, with lots of energy! He loves going out with our CI groups to all sorts of community activities like the zoo, game day at the park and more.

He said he really likes cookies, any kind, and loves to help bake cookies, brownies, and Rice Krispie treats for the CI Bake Sale.

Chayse is currently looking for a new job in the area, but his dream is to be an actor. He has been in four local short movies, one of which was spotlighted by the Erie County Board of Developmental Disabilities (ECBDD) last year on their Facebook page.

The enthusiasm doesn’t end with Chayse. His family has been making raffle baskets for Ability Works. They donated multiple baskets to our talent show and have been making more where the donations go to Ability Works. Their last basket raised over $250!

For more about Chayse, be on the lookout for his performance next year at We’ve Got Talent. He is already getting his show ready, and if it’s anything like this year, it will be an emotional performance you won’t want to miss.


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