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Community-Based Services

We continue to offer more community-based opportunities in our services. We now have three STEP groups and two Adult Day Program Groups that are going out into the community to volunteer, have fun and learn.

Volunteering at First Christ Church's Horse Therapy

We are currently transitioning our Career Academy into a STEP group where they are regularly volunteering, working at group employment sites, and meeting up with our other STEP groups for some fun activities.

Thanks to our staff Pam Klodnick, Donna Stoddard, Jessica McCormick, and Nicole Orman we have built up our volunteer sites. We now regularly volunteer at the Salvation Army, First Congregational Church, Faith Church, Ghostly Manor, Humane Society, Erie County Dog Shelter, Second Harvest, First Christian Church, and Oh Go. Volunteer sites are a great opportunity for our groups to give back to the community, have fun, and also work on their job skills.

Pumpkin Painting

As it gets colder our staff look for indoor activities. They continue to use their "Crafty" side by attending the Artisans classes on Fridays, and game day at the Frost Center. While the fall weather sticks around we have been pumpkin picking, and roasting smores!


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