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Community Opportunities Program

Our STEP Program is now evolving into the Community Opportunities Program, which will give more customized opportunities. Day Habilitation focused

outings with events, volunteering, social opportunities, skill-building, and more, OR Vocational Habilitation-focused outings with volunteering, job site touring, and more employment-focused opportunities.

We are excited to see this program evolve as it enables more individuals to go out into the community, not as a 1-on-1 service with staff, but with a group of individuals to socialize, learn, and grow together.

One individual who has been receiving this service has accomplished so much! Rachel has gone on lots of fun outings, and events but also worked towards two goals. She overcame her apprehension of ambulances and fire trucks by going on some of the tours to the fire department, and she also received her High School Diploma last week!

Rachel is just one of the success stories we have had in what was previously our STEP Program. We hope to have more amazing stories like this as we evolve this program into a large variety of community outings that will give individuals fun social outings, and educational opportunities.

You can find the calendar on our website with the full list of events and who to call to sign up! For more information about this program call DeMar Moore at 419-626-1048 ext 3132.


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