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EHOVE Students Learn about DSP Career Path

We were excited to have EHOVE students at our Program today! We hosted students from the Education and Family Careers program.

The students were able to tour our facility, learn about all the jobs available to help those with developmental/intellectual disabilities in our area, and really see firsthand what DSPs do. They got a chance to check out our Sensory Space, meet our Career Academy Class, and talk to the individuals and DSPs in our Day Program.

Students who are a part of the Education and Family Careers program at EHOVE are Junior and Seniors. They receive training on becoming DSPs, STNs, teachers' aids, and much more. This program is giving training to jobs that have historically been a second thought for many. A job that they happen upon while pursuing a similar career path. Now, these students will have specific training on a job like a DSP, learn what career options DSPs have, find job shadowing, and find places of employment.

Having programs like this is extremely beneficial during the current DSP crisis. Providers across the nation are struggling to find enough staff to serve the number of individuals receiving services from them. Not being able to provide services due to lack of staff is a worry many agencies have faced and we are very thankful to programs like this one that encourages students to pursue a career helping individuals with disabilities.

We look forward to more students learning about what a rewarding career being a DSP is. Good luck to these students in their future careers, and their upcoming summer internships/jobs!


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