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Employer of the Month of July

Ability Works Supported Employment Department proudly presents the Employer of the Month Award to the Freight House Pub & Grill in Norwalk.

Owner, Andrew Stroud, and staff have supported individuals with disabilities throughout the years and enjoy seeing them grow and become independent with their job duties and interpersonal skills.

Bob Clark at Freight House hired Lydia through us in May, and he has been her main support there. Lydia feels very welcomed and enjoys working there thanks to Bob and all of the staff at the Frieght House Bar & Grill.

Our Employer of The Month Awards goes to businesses who make their workplace inviting and inclusive for all staff. This is just one of the ways we want to show our thanks to workplaces that are a joy for us to partner with in finding a job for individuals with disabilities, and continue to be a joy to partner with as our staff provide on-the-job supports as the individual trains and adjusts to their new job.


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