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Garden Donations

Our staff often do small gardening activities with our clients but we do not have the tools and equipment for any permanent gardening. We are looking for donations for lifted raised garden beds on wheels, as well as all gardening necessities.

Gardening isn't just something our clients enjoy doing but it is very beneficial for their mental and physical health.

Gardening can help individuals build their motor skills and improve their cognitive development with the various movements and tasks involved in gardening such as picking out weeds, carefully potting a plant, and more. These activities help improve hand-eye coordination and help individuals learn to hold different types of objects.

Gardening can improve individuals’ physical and mental health. It provides a new activity that gets individuals up and moving throughout the day. It is a great way to educate on healthy eating. Having a hands-on activity to show healthy foods, talk about ways to eat them, and eat them! It provides a calm and relaxing activity that can reduce anxiety and stress.

Gardening also gives individuals a sense of responsibility and a chance to nurture something. Having this responsibility helps to teach skills to help our clients become more independent.

The best part about gardening is that it educates individuals, without them even realizing it is a lesson. To them, it is fun and relaxing.

We are wanting to purchase lifted raised garden beds that are on wheels, easy-grip tools, and other gardening necessities. This will make it easy for all individuals to join in on the fun with easier-to-use tools, and beds that are at a better height and can be moved around. If you are looking to donate items or money towards this project please reach out to Courtney at 419-626-1048 ext 3101 or email


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