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Mickey Mart is Awarded the Community Builder Award

We are excited to share with you that ANCOR has announced the winner of the 2021 Community Builder Award, Mickey Mart and Associates! They will formally receive the award on June 16th. You can watch it live at 3 PM on ANCOR's Facebook live.

We nominated Mickey Mart and associates because they have demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to our community through creating community inclusion and opportunities for people with disabilities. Ability Works is proud to say that our relationship is now going on 6+ years and has resulted in successful employment for many individuals, at all locations in each of the counties that we serve.

Mickey Mart serves as a role model for other businesses in promoting inclusivity in their workplace. When our job coaches or job developers go into a Mickey Mart store, the staff always acts like they enjoy their jobs. Our individuals who are hired at Mickey Mart love their job there and find that their co-workers become like a second family.

During this past year, there have been many struggles for us all, COVID has affected employment opportunities resulting in some individuals choosing not to work. Mickey Mart has supported these individuals by choosing to make sure that they have a job to come back to when they are ready.

Mickey Mart doesn't just provide a job for our individuals, they provide a chance to grow and learn. Their managers promote an environment that allows our individuals to learn and improve their work skills.


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