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Announcing our New CEO

The Ability Works Board of Directors is pleased to announce the selection and hiring of Doreen Ehlert as the new Chief Executive Officer. Ehlert will succeed Laura LaGodney, current CEO, and assume responsibilities in May. LaGodney is staying on through April to ensure a smooth transition.

Ehlert has several years of experience in the Developmental Disability world. Most recently she worked for Woodlane Industries and became the Chief Operating Officer. Ehlert received her Master’sDegree in Organizational Development in 2016 and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business with a minor in Psychology.

“Doreen is the right leader for AbilityWorks,” said LaGodney.

LaGodney guided the company through the changes when the COVID-19 Pandemic hit, integrated innovative technology into services, and pushed the company to improve all disability services. She is stepping down to due health reasons but will continue to support Ability Works as a Board member and through fundraising initiatives.

Alan Furey, President of the AbilityWorks Board of Directors, spoke about what drove the board to select Ehlert.

“We are fortunate to have someone with Doreen’s skills, vision, and expertise at such a pivotal time in our growth,” said Furey. “She brings a wealth of experience to our organization and she will fit in well with our culture - all while drawing on her comprehensive skills, mindset, and experience to lead Ability Works into the future.”


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