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New Interactive Whiteboards

Thanks to this past year's fundraising efforts, we purchased Interactive White Boards to be used in our day programs. These whiteboards are essentially large touchscreen TVs with apps and full internet browser options. This will give clients more choice and interactivity during education and fun time. They will be able to directly select videos and games, and they will be able to interact with educational content on the screen.

We are excited to begin exploring ways to use these new whiteboards in our programs. Our Career Academy class will be the first group to get the full experience and try it out.

Before now, the class has been using a TV that the instructor pulls up information from her desktop. Now, the students will be able to go up to the whiteboard and pull up videos, play interactive games, respond to quiz cards, and so much more at the touch of their fingers. They will be able to make choices themselves, instead of asking the instructor.

This will also allow the class to play educational games together, instead of on separate screens, or pieces of paper. They will be able to come up to the board and learn as a group.

Career Academy also has classroom laptops and will now be able to cast their laptop screen onto the board to show the class what they are working on. This will also be the case for any materials their instructor has on her laptop.

Our new interactive whiteboards offer so many new ways to educate, interact, and have fun. We are excited to try out all the apps and to find more websites to use in our day programs.


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