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Nick Supported Employment Spotlight

The supported employment department would like to take the time to recognize and introduce Nick Polley and his hard work. Nick has started a new adventure in employment at “Our Lady of the Pines Retreat Center” in Fremont, Ohio.

Nick has been hired as kitchen prep. Nick’s daily work tasks include washing dishes, prepping salads, prepping dessert plates, and light cleaning of the kitchen.

Nick has shared with our supported employment staff the most positive feedback on how his employment is so far successful. Nick stated “I love it here! Everyone here is very kind and helpful. I am happy coming into work with positive people. I also am excited to get a gold name badge!” When Nick is not at work he loves to play his video games.

We are excited for Nick to continue working for a center he has grown a passion for. If everyone could help the Supported Employment team on congratulating Nick on starting his new chapter at “Our Lady of the Pines Retreat Center”.


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