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Sandusky Donut Eating Contest 2021

What a great turnout for our 2021 Sandusky Donut Eating Contest! A world record was set by Molly Schuyler who consumed 69 donuts in 8 minutes!

The contest included 3 professional eaters, and many local amateurs testing their skills. Molly Schuyler won first place eating 69 donuts in 8 minutes, and Dan "Killer" Kennedy eating 65 donuts, breaking the 2017 world record of 55.

Nathan "tater" Klein came in third, and we had two amateur winners with David Weisz coming in first eating 20 donuts in 8 minutes, and Christian Stalter in second eating 19 donuts!

Didn't make it out for the contest? Check out our recorded Facebook live or the spotlight from BCSN Erie. We're excited for next year and to incorporate our 0.5K walk and the Donut Eating Contest!

We also want to thank all of our volunteers, donors, and sponsors for all the help to make such a great event! Our MC for the event, DJ Swiss volunteered his time to bring the party to this event! And of course, thank you to Bait House Brewery for providing an awesome venue to host the contest and after-party.

Thank you to all our 2021 sponsors: David and Jacquie Clark Family Fund, WaterStreet Financial, Title and Perlmuter, Barnes, n2y, Sheet Hohler Metal, Feick, Firelands Federal Credit Union, Dunkin, Liner Legal, For love with Love Charity, and Health Solution Centers.


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