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The Supported Employment department would like to spotlight Jakob Everson.

Jakob is a very hard-working young man with a larger-than-life personality. He is a very proud graduate of Ehove’s Job Connections program and recently was placed at Mickey Mart in Sandusky!

Jakob says he really enjoys his job because it is slow-paced and he has time to complete all of his job duties by the end of his shift. Jakob’s coworkers really enjoy having Jakob as a part of their team because he is reliable, and he can always put a smile on their faces. Jakob loves to joke around with his coworkers also!

When Jakob is not at work you can find him in his bedroom eating pizza rolls and watching Power Rangers and Pirates Of The Caribbean. He also enjoys perfecting his Jack Sparrow accent and exploring as much of nature as he can.

Congratulations to Jakob on his job and success thus far!


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