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Star Performer of The Month

Ability Works Supported Employment Department is excited to announce our Star Performer of the Month, Candice.

Candice is currently employed at Mickey Mart in Wellington, Ohio where she is a cashier. She is an outstanding worker and has a brilliant work ethic.

Candice’s manager Tim has spoken highly about her leadership skills and abilities. Tim has been looking to move her up into a management position and she is being trained on paperwork daily.

In her free time when she is not working Candice likes to spend time with her kids and her husband doing family activities. When she is not doing fun family activities, she is helping her husband run his food truck business where she does all of the financials for the business.

Candice’s attitude is contagious, and she is one of the most positive and uplifting people, she never lets life get her down and always is giving 110% effort in whatever life throws her way!


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