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Technology Initiative

People with disabilities are the least likely among us to own a computer and know how to use one. Imagine trying to navigate in this world—going to school, obtaining, and maintaining a job, staying connected with friends—if you didn’t have a computer.

Assistive Technology refers to devices, equipment, or services that assist individuals with disabilities to function independently in the areas of work, home, or school. One of the ways Ability Works is advancing the use of technology for people with disabilities is by incorporating interactive touch screen displays. Interactive touch screen displays have an inherent ability to bolster active learning. The use of interactive touch screens helps in the following ways:

  • By zooming or enlarging text and images, it makes it larger or easier to see for people with visual impairments

  • Speech to text software or in combination with microphones and built-in speakers to enhance the volume assist people with audio impairments

  • Touch screens can connect with other hardware to provide greater accessibility for those with mobility impairments

  • Allowing students to actively participate in their lesson helps with attention impairments

We are currently fundraising to purchase Interactive White Boards that will help individuals in our Day Program to learn how to use new technologies and offer new forms of education within our programs.


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