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Transformation Tuesday | Accepting Change

Today's Transformation Tuesday webinar highlighted that change is difficult, but worth it. The switch from the work floor into services that prepare individuals for competitive employment has been hard for some but has led to more community employment at providers across Ohio.

The work floor was set up to be a stepping stone into community employment but had often become a stopping place for individuals. Now individuals are finding the path to employment that works best for them, and at Ability Works that often means joining our Career Academy program to hone their skills and gain work/volunteer experience.

One of our individuals, Brandon, had worked on the work floor. He joined the Career Academy program to hone his skills, then started working with our supported Employment team and found employment with Mickey Mart. He now has a job he loves at Mickey Mart and continues to join us at Career Academy to keep perfecting his work skills.

Transformation Tuesday highlighted that change is scary, but in the end, it has helped individuals like Brandon find employment in the community at competitive wages.


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