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Virtual Reality DSP Training

We're excited to use our new virtual training headset! Through a grant from the Erie County Community Foundation, we were able to purchase Oculus virtual reality headsets so our staff can complete the "Did you Notice" DSP staff training.


The training is designed to support the ability of DSPs to notice, understand, and respect people with disabilities and their communication preferences, build better relationships with those they support, feel valued, and recognize the important impact they make by simply taking notice.


We are very excited to offer this virtual training to our staff as well as other providers. Other disability providers will be able to check out one of our five headsets so their staff can take this virtual training.

The benefits of the "Did You Know" training is that it offers 4 virtual reality scenarios that enable the user to participate in a safe environment and to take what was learned in the module and apply it to real-life scenarios


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