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Why Visit a Sensory Space?

Spending time in a sensory space gives you a chance to relax, de-stress, and calm your senses. Enjoy the calming lights, interactive elements, games projected onto the floor, fun places to relax, and more.

Sensory Spaces can:

  1. Improve cognitive development, motor skills, and sensory development.

  2. Promote Relaxation

  3. Improve focus

  4. Improve Communication

Who Can Benefit from a Sensory Space?

Anyone! Both children and adults can find a reason to visit a sensory space. It is a great place for relaxation and fun. It is very beneficial for those with:

  1. Autism

  2. Sensory processing disorders

  3. Developmental disabilities

  4. Anxiety

  5. PTSD

  6. Dementia

During your visit, you can receive help from our staff on how to best use the space, or simply relax and enjoy it! Make an appointment today by calling 419-626-1048 ext 3110

Want to see more of our Sensory Space? Check out our Instagram or for some fun videos of all the cool items in the space!


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